As for a lifestyle, so far this life has had more of a way with me than I have with it. There’s been a lot stuff that have happened so far and situations that just seem unbelievable. Up until now I have seen some interesting teen years, good parties in my 20’s, then marriage and switching to starting a family. Now I’m waking up again to a new era of relationships and business in my 30’s. What I have learned and believe to be true is that everything is everything and everything we create in our life comes from our heads first.

There are tools for this lifestyle creation, ways to secure your future and one of them is real estate. You may have heard of several people who have used it to get rich. Donald Trump is now running for president because his real estate got so big. My point is, with the right mindset you are set and by using real estate, it will help build the life you seek. This is my opinion and not to be used in place of legal or accounting advice, so take note at your discretion.

I have been down this path for over 10 years now and although the beginning is slow, time goes by and the pace picks up. The limits are endless and you can enjoy whatever lifestyle you like. Some techniques in real estate are buy & hold, flips, rent to own, lease options, agreement for sales, suited, multi family, renovate, college rentals, commercial and more. By being creative and by building systems to keep you organized you will have tangible assets to generate the outcome or experience you want to create in the short or long term.

Life is about having fun and feeling good. I want to make sure that this is achieved in a manner that is satisfying to all involved. By moving forward on a path of lifelong learning and improvement, I hope to encourage you to use whatever methods seem best for you. When you attach some investment property on the side, it can back you up with it’s consistency in case other ventures don’t go as planned or they run their life cycle. A resource that can make a huge difference in your success is Real Estate Investment Network for Canadians. As all my partners know, we are happy to share our thoughts and will always remain 100% transparent to ensure you have the best experience possible.