April was a month of new beginnings at Fresh Coast.  As Spring unfolds, we find ourselves doing a lot of cleaning and re-setting the stage from our winter crews to summer crews. It’s nice to get into each unit and have a good clean and inspection before we continue into 2017.  While the winter crews leave and the summer ones come back, so does the spring buying season.  Its time to paint, prep, cut and mow….While these deals are getting underway we get excited at Fresh Coast Investment.  Whether it’s new construction or used inventory, we look forward to getting the deals out there creating more fully furnished hotel alternative options for our guests and investing partners to enjoy.

As we run into May with momentum and a fresh start, I encourage you to review your goals and whether your financial plan is getting you there.  Have a good look and do the math, maybe things are great and you can enjoy summer. Or maybe some adjustments are to be made before the kids are out of school and summer takes full force.  We can refocus and maintain the course of action and plant new seeds for growth to enjoy.

One of the things I love about real estate is the resilience it has that other investments do not.  Even in a down market, which we are coming out of, you can see it out perform.  This is not a narrow view, but an overall perspective that brings in all the profit centers.  If you need some help reviewing these profit centers and ensuring they are giving you the most benefit, give me a call.

We have decided to plant a big garden this year and acquired 6 hens to offset our grocery bill as the boys continue to grow. The savings will certainly be going back in to the business of real estate out in Alberta so we can make the most of this current market and ensure future growth for everyone like you.  Thanks again and don’t forget to reach out with questions on how to enjoy hassle free  real estate investing.

All the best, Aaron